Friday, November 16, 2012

Genocide Memorial Centre

Also known as the Genocide Museum, the Genocide Memorial Centre is one of the saddest yet most interesting places to visit on a trip to Kigali. A must-see attraction for anyone who comes to the city, the centre is a poignant yet educational site to remember the people that died in the genocide of 1994.
The centre is an array of pictures and films and is actually situated on the site where over 250,000 people were buried as a result of the mass murder that took place in the region over the 100 days of the genocide.
Although this will never be a happy place to visit, its poignancy and its significance in the community makes it a vital part of Rwandan culture, and also gives survivors of the genocide, family and friends a place to grieve and remember their loved ones.
The memorial centre will move even the least emotional amongst you, and finding out about the events of 1994 will not only help you understand how horrendous the time was, but will also make you appreciate the things that you have.
In the centre itself, you can walk around and discover stories or you can hire a tour guide or audio tour guide to learn more about the site and improve your knowledge. Definitely a place to visit when you have an afternoon or maybe even a whole day free, this is a location is for reflection and remembrance.
Although this is about the memories of the genocide, it is also about thinking of those that are still recovering from the massive traumatic affects of losing their relatives and close ones. You won’t leave feeling disappointed, and although this is a sad memorial it is also great to see that Rwanda has moved on and become peaceful since the genocide – a positive outcome from what was a very tragic period. 

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